Monday, August 11, 2014

(MOD) Toa Strike Team

Name: Toa Strike Team

Description: In a time, before the precedence of time, three toa were assembled to take on the most dangerous missions no one else would dare to take. With the the beings who sent them a secret, and their origins even a mystery to themselves, these three toa came to be known as the infamous Toa Strike Team.

-Varkamah: Leader of the TST. Cold killer with a liking for slashing things. Despite his snide remarks Varkamah stands by his loyalty to his teamamtes and their mission.

-Ronik: The fire-arms specialist. The oldest in the team, Ronik's serious but welcoming nature makes him the person people can talk to.

-Matuk: The air-support. Despite his young age, Matuk makes up for his inexperience wih an unrivaled expertise of his boomrangs and aerial manuveuring. His wisecracks are often meant to annoy Varkamah, much to his amusement and delight.

Comments: I actually made the first of them back in 2006 (the black one!) and dubbed it the Ignika Assault Team, but I decided that I'd redo them, seeing now I have more yellow parts to work with (although most of them were from a knockoff titan!) I did initially plan to do a full team of six, but seeing how I don't have Onewa and Nokama, I stopped after the White one came out unsatisfactory...

Yes, I actually have plans on a story for them. Would any of you like for me to go ahead and write it? XD

More Pictures:

Bonus: (Here's how they looked back in 2006!) --> I could only get one up at a time...

Sunday, August 10, 2014

(LDD) - Glass Titan

Name: Glass Titan

Comment: Just playing around with LDD. As you can tell from its name, this guys is supposed to be entirely made out of glass, or at least his armour is... So I made his armour entirely with clear parts! Yay...?

I was trying out a new build on LDD, since I don't have much HF parts to work with in real life...

More Pictures:

 Side View

Back View

Friday, August 1, 2014

Burt Ballad's Musomech

Name: Burt Ballad's Musomech

Description: This mech's really used as a last resort, with an emphasis on the last. The Mech's so destructive and terrifying, the damage done by it overrides the help it gives. But just the appearance of it scares aliens away; you'll see why.

Comments: This was made during the time of the Save the Alien Hunters Contest on BZPower back in December 2013. After creating the Canomech for Zia Zeal, I decided to create a mech for each of the Alien Hunters; that never came into fruition after this mech. XD 

Design wise, I tried to use some of the elements used in the Canomech, such as the rahkshi back and the axle antenna (and of course the same minifig XD). I had been trying to get the hands right, hope I did it :X

More Pictures:

 (Look from another angle)

 Back View

 RAWRRRRRRR *Summoning weapons*

"It's alien CHOW time!!!!!!!!"

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Sinanju Stein Wing-X

Name: Sinanju Stein Wing-X

Description: Before the Sinanju was stolen, developers stumbled upon rather strange and foreign blueprints, one detailing a mysterious transforming mobile suit, while the other of a lunar-powered cannon-wielding mobile suit . Realising that incorporating the designs from the blueprints would greatly increase the mobility and power of the Sinanju, the developers set off to design a variation of the still two-eyed, gray-coloured behemoth.

Comments: This was made back in December 2013. I just wanted to make a MOC with Gundam colours. And I kind of failed. XD So I completely ditched the idea of adding any more blue into the MOC, and just stuck with more red.

I quite like the Wing Mode, but only at certain angles XD A direct side-view exposes the gap below the 'cockpit'. But it kind of looks like a mix of the Wing's bird-form and the Strike's Skygrasper...  I've tried to make the Wing Mode look as un-mobile suitish as possible, so hope I accomplished that! XD

Oh, and erm about the name. I just threw in everything that struck me when I thought about the features of the suit. Since I can't get a V-fin, why not make it a Sinanju Stein? XD Yes, sooooo convinient :D

More Pictures:

3/4 Front

3/4 Back

Back View

Back View: Wings Out

Wing Mode:

 Side View: (Eww! >w<)

 Bottom View: (Eww...?)

With accessories attached

Height Comparison

Twin-rifle Solar-panel *insert another anime reference here* shot(to)!!!!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

WIP: Trying out Lego Digital Designer (LDD) !

It's been a while since I posted something up, and tha'ts becuase I've been overseas, and also because I've been trying out Lego Digital Designer. XD So here's a screenshot of what I've been up to...


Thursday, May 29, 2014

Mizrah, Bohrok Guardian

Name: Mizrah, Bohrok Guardian

Description: Deep in the depths of Mata Nui, near his very core, lies the Grand Nest of the Bohrok swarm. Wielding twin-blade claws and towering above his enemies, Mizrah, one of many is a sight to behold. He, and the rest of his fellow guardians, have been tasked in the nest's protection against intrusion, and against the unleashing of the greatest threat the world has yet to see...

Comments: This was made back in August 2013. I wanted to make a MOC with a movable Bohrok Head. I mean, you see Bohrok being able to freely move their heads in ads, so why cant they in real life? Mizrah also has some waist articulation, reinforced by two more connections between the upper body and the lower body. Personally, I am quite pleased with the using of the Toa Metru Torso for calves; they do look really nice to me (can't I like my own work?! >.<)

More Pictures:

Action Pose

 Back View

 Showing off his waist articulation

Leg Close-up


Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Lava Surfer

Name: Lava Surfer
Description: To allow the Toa Inika  to travel into the fiery depths of Mount Valmai and the Lake of Lava surrounding it, the Matoran of Voya Nui engineered the Lava Surfer.
Specifically designed to fit the Toa Inika, the Lava Surfer is capable  of storing the Toa's weapons while providing side-mounted blasters to fend off any opposition; this provides greater mobility for the rider. Adjustable rocket-boosters allow for greater maneuverability of steering and speed, while the base-design of the Surfer allows for lesser resistance while riding on lava.
Comments: This was made in June 2013Since I like Toa Jaller so much, I decided to make an add-on to him. I intended the Surfer to look kind of bulky (think big over-exaggerated Rocket Booster!), but I have kind of toned it  down after seeing how top-heavy it became.
And yes, it's intended to look unpolished. The Matoran of Voya Nui didn't have much to work with, did they? (Actually I'm not sure haha XD)
More Pictures:
 First version of the Surfer
 First version of the Surfer (with Toa on)
 WEEEEEE *whoosh*
 Side view
 3/4 Back
 Back View
 Base of Surfer
Front of base (for Ramming into things!)